UGETSU – new soundscapes


Sid Hille has recorded new soundscapes: UGETSU will be released on vinyl as well as CD.
As he had done on ONE (2011), Sid played an arsenal of instruments ranging from piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano and synths all the way to theremin, the Finnish traditional instrument kantele, melodica and percussion.

On UGETSU Sid also invited some guest musicians to contribute their own personal colours to the sound painting: Jukka Perko – soprano saxophone, Anni Elif Egecioglu – voice, Virpi Taskila – voice and Teemu Viinikainen – guitar.

Watch the video from the studio:

UGETSU will be released on August 25th, 2016, on the occasion of Sid’s appearance at the Viapori Jazz Festival in Helsinki. There, Sid Hille & Foreign Friends will interpret songs that have shaped the identity of Finnish people, songs of a wide variety: traditional folk songs (‘Niin minä neitonen’), recent pop hits (‘Maailman toisella puolen’), tango classics (‘Mustasukkaisuus’) and hymns (‘Suvivirsi’).