Sid Hille Contemporary Collective

The Sid Hille Contemporary Collective is a Helsinki-based avantgarde ensemble that improvises freely combining influences from jazz, contemporary classical, ethnical and electronic music.

Sid Hille – piano, theremin & electronica
Teemu Viinikainen – guitar & effects
Heikki Nikula – bass clarinet
Markus Hohti – cello & electronica

The Sid Hille Contemporary Collective presents an explosive show of improvised music!
Combining exotic instruments like the bass clarinet, electric guitar, the cello (extended with electronica), the mysterious Theremin, the legendary Fender Rhodes spiced up with all sorts of effects, the iPod and other electronica, and of course the acoustic grand piano – all these colors create exciting and beautiful soundscapes.
Additionally the improvising musicians are a thrill to watch while they communicate musically, responding to the sounds they produce.

There is no borderline between jazz and contemporary classical music.
There is only a small gap between mindsets, a tiny little opening of space for the NOW – a universe for the improvising musician.

This is where the Sid Hille Contemporary Collective operates.

Here is a documentary style promo video in Black & White

And a clip fromĀ a concert in Tallinn last year (2015):