The music of Sid Hille is featured by several live acts:

Infinita is a Finnish-Italian jazz quintet that performs modern jazz compositions by Sid Hille as well as collectively improvised soundscapes. The has been active since 2010 and released it’s debut CD ‘Time Continuum’ in 2013.

The Sid Hille Brotherhood (previously Film Collective) has been formed for the recording of a film score Sid Hille composed in 2013. This exceptional band features some of Finland’s most distinguished jazz musicians. After releasing Sid’s film music on the CD ‘In The Picture’ in spring 2014, this band is taking full flight and conquering new territory in performing ‘Brotherhood’, a sound stream of 50 minutes featuring highly expressionistic colours, jazz flavours and electronica that Sid conceived especially for these musicians and particular talents.

Sid Hille Collective

The Sid Hille Contemporary Collective has a unique line-up: electric guitar, bass clarinet, piano and string quartet. Sid Hille’s compositions for this ensemble provide the musicians with a frame for their spontaneity and improvisational skills, at the same time drawing strongly on classical compositional techniques such as counterpoint and thematic development. The band has been active since 2011 and released it’s highly acclaimed debut recording ‘The Zen Connection’ in fall 2012.