‘Outer Space (from the perspective of my record player)’
by the Sid Hille Contemporary Collective, released in October 2014

Contemporary CollectiveOuter Space(2014)

Concert reviews (from the Kansi Auki festival, Nov 2014 – in Finnish):
Rondo magazine by Auli Särkiö
Jazzpossu by Pasi Virtanen

CD-reviews (all in Finnish):
YLE by Kare Eskola (Oct, 2014)
Jazzpossu by Pasi Virtanen (Oct, 2014)
Helsingin Sanomat by Harri Uusitorppa (Nov, 2014)
Suomi Jazz by Pentti Ronkanen (Dec, 2014)
Jazzrytmit by Timo Vähäsilta (Feb, 2015)

….and in Italian:
Jazz Convention by Fabio Ciminiera

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‘Time Continuum’ by the Finnish-Italian jazz quintet Infinita with Massimo Carboni (ts), Tero Saarti (tp), Sid Hille (p), Paolo Spanu (b), Gianni Filindeu (dr), released in 2013

Infinita - Time Continuum

Beautifully recorded in Helsinki and mixed by Jan Erik Kongshaug in Oslo the CD presents Sid Hille’s compositions and several free collective improvisations.
Here is a link to Anthony Shaw’s review on All About Jazz,
this is Fabio Ciminiera’s review on Jazz Convention (in Italian)
and here is what Jouko Kirstilä’s writes on the Finnish jazz publication Jazzrytmit

Two more reviews in Finnish language:
Matti Komulainen in the Turku daily newspaper praises Time Continuum on August 18th, 2013: the music creates refreshing connections between music styles and periods.

Veli-Matti Henttonen describes Time Continuum as ‘peacefully beautiful’ in the Salon Seudun Sanomat on Sept 9th, 2013

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Released in 2012
‘Sid Hille contemporary/jazz Collective – The Zen Connection’ got some very favorable reviews

Zen Connection

Below the review of the Finnish Music Quarterly 4/12 by Tommi Koskenheimo

The Turku daily ‘Turun Sanomat’ sees communication as the strong central factor of this recording:
‘The communication is alive and organic’ and ‘The recording forms a zen type, pure whole that creates space for the listener’s thoughts.

‘Opettaja-lehti’, the teachers’ weekly, emphasizes the visual character of the music: ‘Zen Connection sounds like a painting’.

What the newspaper of Central Finland ‘Keskisuomalainen’ has to say can be read here