Life @ Play

Life @ Play

The Platypus Ensemble
Life @ Play (2007)

Recorded live in concert at the Bird’s Eye Jazz Club in Basel, Switzerland, in November 2005.

This live recording presents a band at the peak of its game.
In 2005 the Platypus Ensemble had been chosen to represent Finland on the first Jazzbryggan (‘jazz bridge’) tour. The idea of the tour was to bring Swedish and Finnish jazz circles closer to each other.
10 concerts, 5 in Finland and 5 in Sweden were organized, presenting the audiences with a double feature program: the Swedish band ‘Pling’ headed by singer Lina Nyberg and the Platypus Ensemble.

Life @ Play includes a Bonus DVD featuring a documentary video of the band on tour during the years 2003-2005.
With back stage footage, concert clips and interviews the documentary video ‘Sounds and situations’ provides an interesting insight into the life of a jazz band on tour.

Given all these features, it comes of no surprise that ‘Life @ Play’ is a best-selling package.

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