Prinsessa joka tahtoi nauraa

Prinsessa joka tahtoi nauraa

Sid Hille / Tittamari Marttinen
Prinsessa joka tahtoi nauraa (2006)

This is a music fairy tale composed by Sid Hille and written by children’s book author Tittamari Marttinen.

When mixing the Platypus Ensemble’s live recording Life@Play in Antwerp, Belgium, some studio time was left over.
Hille decided to spontaneously record some improvisations as a home coming gift for his kids. He played and multi-tracked various instruments like piano, melodica, mouth harp, kantele, voice and percussion creating little musical ‘stories’.

Back in Finland he gave the music to children’s book author Tittamari Marttinen to listen to. Marttinen got inspired and wrote the adventure story of Princess Elinore.

The famous Finnish actor Ismo Kallio reads the story for this unique recording.

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