Dunjin’s Dance

Dunjin's Dance

Sid Hille
Dunjin’s Dance (1993)

Sid Hille’s debut recording.
After spending six months in Los Angeles Sid Hille returned to the Netherlands to complete his studies at the Utrecht School for the Arts.
Dunjin’s Dance was recorded in Antwerp, Belgium, by Peter Bulkens.
With young virtuoso guitarist Frank Burks and the famed rythm section of basist Hein Van de Geyn and drummer AndrĂ© Ceccarelli, Hille recorded eight of his and Frank Burks’ compositions.
Even though at that time strongly influenced by guitarist Pat Metheny and pianist Lyle Mays, the music on Dunjin’s Dance shows already remarkable originality.

Produced by Hille and Burks the recording quality is excellent.

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