Outer Space

Contemporary Collective
Outer Space

The Sid Hille Contemporary Collective in its condensed quartet version consists of composer and pianist Sid Hille, guitarist Teemu Viinikainen, bass clarinetist Heikki Nikula and cellist Markus Hohti.
Outer Space is a live recording form a concert in March 2014.
Sid Hille drew a kind of landscape map, one single page containing suggestions of motives, scales or chords to be improvised upon.
The resulting 41 minutes of uninterrupted music are almost completely improvised.
Going through different moods and atmospheres, the acoustic instruments at times enhanced by the use of electronica, the band creates a soundscape, taking the listener on a musical journey into the depths of his consciousness.

Sid continues in this project the work he started in 2011 with ONE. Then he played all instruments by himself. Now four highly accomplished musicians are having a spontaneous musical conversations.