Contemporary Collective goes Art House

SatnaMusic proudly presents the new video of the Sid Hille Contemporary Collective

In Finnland weht ein frischer Jazzwind from Sid Hille on Vimeo.

Filmed in beautiful black & white with some stylish Finnish production design this 4-minute clip is intended for the German speaking audiences in the first place as Sid’s voice-over is spoken in German. But the pictures and music of the clip of course can be appreciated by anybody.

The Music Finland organization has started its campaign ‘AusFinnland’ that takes Finnish music and culture to Central Europe. The campaign is supported by the Finnish Ministry of Employment and Economy and is the largest cultural export effort ever to be organized with public funds.

SatnaMusic and the music of Sid Hille are part of this campaign.
We will organize concert tours for Sid’s bands such as the Contemporary Collective in this video, but also the Sid Hille Brotherhood and the Finnish-Italian Infinita.

Check Sid’s gig calendar for all the latest updates.