F# The Wannsee Punk

The Wannsee Punk

Sid Hille’s new trio goes by the name of f#.
On this recording Hille plays the Fender Rhodes electric piano, the theremin and a little analogue synthesizer called MicroBrute. He is joined by bassist Jori Huhtala and drummer Markus Ketola.
All three of them are recognized and esteemed composers. As f#, however, everything is improvised. Nothing is planned, nothing is agreed upon, all is possible when the band steps onto the stage. Improvisation pure.
This recording is one of those rare and lucky examples that excellent musicians communicate. It’s like an intelligent conversation with meaningful twists and turns and an almost inevitable outcome, even though nobody knows beforehand what that will be.
Many of the five-star reviews that ‘The Wannsee Punk’ gathered mentioned, how hard to believe it is that all the music on this record was improvised and recorded on one day, during one single session.
Estonian singer Liina Saar (who happened to live nearby the studio and came visiting) contributes to three of the seven titles on this album.
The music ranges from beautiful ballads through sound paintings all the way to modern jazz and even a punky pop tune.
A collection of musical gems with excellent recording quality – and a cover to remember!